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Heaters ( MHS )
Insulation Tapes ( MIT )
Motors ( MMR )
O-rings ( MOR )
Louvers / Air Diffusers ( MPI )
Pressure Switches ( MPS )
Resistors ( MRE )
Rooftop Ventilators ( MRV )
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Accessories ( MAP )
Freon Hose (MFH)

Multi Air Design BV is the specialist in international trade of climate- and ventilation components for road and water transport.

We are the original designer and producer of the Slimline rooftop ventilator since 1991.

Latest News

October 2019
18 Oct
Group MEV and MCU have the new catalogue online
18 Oct
Group MEV : all new evaporators incl. technical information have been added
18 Oct
Group MCU : the new ceiling tile ventilator MCU 24.0009 incl. technical information has been added
01 Oct
Soon to see : the new (additional) brackets and frames for Group MCU ceiling tile ventilators
September 2019
16 Sep
Group MCU : the new ceiling tile ventilator MCU 24.0009 has been successfully introduced in the market. This unit has been fully qualified for the Eurozone.
June 2019
13 Jun
Group MRV : rooftopventilator application pictures added (see : Additional information (pictures)
03 Jun
Group MCU : new pictures added of the 3 ceiling ventilator models (incl. the new MCU 24.0009 !) see : Additional information (pictures)
May 2019
27 May
Group MCU : the new ceiling tile ventilator MCU 24.0009 pictures added (see : Additional information (pictures)
22 May
Group MFH : pictures of the steel fittings for thick-walled Freon hose added (see : Additional information (pictures)
09 May
Group MSC : connection diagrams of the speed controls MSC 19.0015 en MSC 19.0019 added (see: Additional technical information (drawings)
06 May
Goup MMR : drawing of the BLDC brushless 1-shaft motor added (see : Additional technical information (drawings)
06 May
Group MCU : the new ceiling tile ventilator MCU 24.0009 picture and technical specifications added (see : Additional technical information (pictures)
April 2019
24 Apr
Group MCP : technical information added of the electrical compressor set (see : Additional technical information (pictures)
12 Apr
Group MMR : BLDC brusless motors MMR 12.0134 and MMR 12.0125 will become active again in the business for 2019 (fits in the Sütrak DG550 L+R)
09 Apr
Group MFA : example mounting parts for axial ventilators (see : Additional information (pictures)
05 Apr
Group MMR : KOMATSU Genuine parts motor (set) reference added
March 2019
22 Mar
Groep MOR : o-ring assortment boxes images added
19 Mar
Group MEV : the new Cyclone 3000 pictures are added (see : Additional information (pictures)
18 Mar
Group MEV : new product pictures and drawings added of the new evaporators 2018 ~ 2019 (see : Additional information (pictures) + Additional technical information (pictures)
February 2019
21 Feb
Soon active : the new devisions Multi Air Marine (items related to the matime sector) & Multi Air Flow (heatpump and a number of related products).
08 Feb
Group MCP : the variable speed DC compressor (Masterflux) has entered our range positively at the end of 2018 / start of 2019. In the mean time there are several projects on-going where this compressor has been applied with good results.
January 2019
18 Jan
Group MBL : the new MAD B40 and MAD B50 are for sales from 2019 onwards. Available in 1-speed and 3-speed (incl. original wireloom and plug)
16 Oct
Group MSW : the new 2-panel and 3-panel control panels will be added to our range for the cabine builders
15 Aug
Group MCP : the electrical compressor for cooling systems 24V~48V (incl. controller unit)) pictures added (see : Additional information pictures)
10 Aug
Multi Air Design BV operates with Telegram Business from today onwards.
20 Jul
Group MCP - explanation for Hydraulic Driven compressors (MCP 3.0027 / MCP 3.0028) added for technical support
14 Jun
Group MHS : the new PTC electrical heater 48V is added to our range
22 May
Group MSW ; the new 3-position switch with control panel is added to the group (MSW 20.0120)
14 May
Group MCU : de new heat pump (6kW) is being developed at this moment for promoting our new range which will commence this year
13 Apr
Group MCU : the Heat Pump will be available again soon from 6kW up to a large capacity of 18kW
27 Mar
Multi Air Design BV website mainpage is modified ! Simply use the 'sliders' to reach the group you want to see.
26 Mar
Group MRV : our mechanical rooftop ventilators are being applied more often in the 'Special Dogs Products' market (ie. policedogs associations)
28 Feb
Group MFA : Automotive axial ventilators for every car brand now available.
19 Feb
Group MCP : soon available, de new electrical compressor for cooling systems 24V~48V (incl. operating system with ventilation)
09 Feb
Group MFA : MFA 7.0307 and MFA 7.0308 capacity curve added (see : Additional technical information)
31 Jan
Multi Air Design BV is as of today official MCC Europe sales office for the Netherlands, retail point.
18 Jan
Group MFA : now available, OEM First Mount axial ventilators (condenser fan) for well known car brands, ie. Volkswagen
05 Jan
Group MFA will soon have additional axial ventilators, brushless BLDC 230V AC (suction / blowing versions)

Last update: 18 October 2019 , 14:22

Our products are mainly applied to the following segments of the After-Market

  • commercial transport
  • bus builders
  • large transportation
  • public transport
  • coaches (international travel busses)
  • small transport
  • ambulance builders
  • construction mechanization
  • agriculture machines
  • cattletruck builders
  • horse transportation
  • street cleaning machines (ie. RAVO)
  • cabinebuilders
  • off-highway
  • hoisting cranes
  • yachts, sailing boats
  • boat builders
  • canal cruisers
  • caravan and camper builders
  • power sports (car racing)